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War Fork Mountain German Shepherds for Sale
War Fork Mountain German Shepherds for Sale





We are so thankful to have found Warfork Mountain Shepherds. Tammy and Greg were great people to work with in finding our puppy. Because we live 14 hours away their friends/neighbors Amy and Cecil offered to drive the puppy to his new forever home in Massachusetts. Koda has fit right in with our whole family. We will be forever grateful to all of you for bringing Koda into our lives. He’s truly a blessing.

~Merritt and Donna


Welcome to War Fork Mountain Shepherds
     Thanks for taking time to look at our dogs. Our dogs live in house and are part of our family. I fell in love with the breed after purchasing my first GSD in Columbus Ohio in 1995. His name was Arco von Bittendorph. He was 1 year old when I bought him and came with a cast on his leg. He had a fused tendon. He was injured during Schutzhund training. When the cast came off he gave me 11 wonderful years.

     He was a protector of my children and the best companion I could ever have. The intelligence was unbelievable to me. After Arco passed away in Nov. 2006, I never thought about German Shepherds again because I believed he could never be replaced. I never bred him and regret it. Then in 2018 when looking to buy a home in McKee Ky, I met my first long haired Shepherd and fell in love all over again. I was finally ready to have another GSD. The excitement was back.

     So I purchased a beautiful 11 week old girl named Ely Kabi from Poland in 2018. We call her Tanzy. Then came Lief, next Rizzo and Silvy. Still find it hard to believe that I have four of these wonderful companions that are always eager to please. I chose bloodlines that appealed to me. Temperament, intelligence, beauty is what we wanted. I found Lief, Rizzo, and Silvy at Extreme Shepherds and will never regret purchasing them. There just like our kids. My goal is to preserve these bloodlines and produce majestic looking dogs for all to love and enjoy.

War Fork Mountain German Shepherd Puppies for Sale
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