Quatro and Tanzy Puppies are here!

Mom - Tanzy

Ely Kabi aka "Tanzy" is the imported daughter of  SG1 Fedon von Babylon and granddaughter of  VA3 BSZS 2015 Pacco vom Langenbungert.  Her mother is Olka Kabi.  Tanzy is extremely smart and able to do commands, verbal and hand signals. Very good temperament and a great helper training other dogs.       

Dad - Quatro

Quatro Owczarek znad Lutyni is our import from Poland. He is the son of QUODO vom FRANKENGOLD SG12 BSZS 2019 VV1 PL 2018 BH-VT  IGP1  KKL HD - SV A1 ED - SV A1 and mother is Cana Owczarek znad Lutyni. Quatro is a huge male. He is extremely friendly and has a wonderful disposition.  Loves to play and interact with all the dogs

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Hi I'm Silky, I've been called Silky since I was born. I guess because my fur is so soft and shiny. I'm also a playful puppy. I have a wonderful disposition also. My dad is Rizzo vom Extreme Haus and my mother is Sobaka Severa Skazka.

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Meet Mr Majestic! Hi my name is Torben, my name means 'thunder bear'. I was doing a little bite work today. I'm a red & black male with a big attitude. I'm up to date on all my shots and come with a health Warranty. You know my dad Rizzo and my mom Saboka. I want to make my dad and my grandfather proud.

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My name is Darcy, I'm a red and black female. I like to be first to meet my humans. I love the attention. My Daddy is Rizzo vom Extreme Haus and Sobaka Severa Skazka is my mother.

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Hi there! The call me Moxy, because they say I've got it! You know my dad Rizzo and mom Sobaka. I come with up to date shots and health Warranty bla bla, bla,. But the main thing is people think I'm cute. I've got one antenna up and I'm ready to listen to what you have to say.

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Hi, my humans call me SONNY. I am a all black male . I'm current on all my shots and I come with a warranty. My daddy's name is Rizzo vom Extreme Haus, and my Mommy Is Sobaka Severa


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Hi my name is Koda, I'm a all black male, Rizzo and Saboka is my mom and dad. Maybe you have seen their poster. I'm only 6 weeks old . I love to play with my siblings.


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Hi, my name is Ninja. I'm a all black male. I love to play and have a wonderful personality. My Daddy is Rizzo and my mother is Sobaka.


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Hello, my name is Bravo, my dad is Rizzo vom Extreme Haus and my mother is Sobaka Severa Skazka. I'm up to date on all my shots and come with a health warranty. I'm a red and black male with an excellent personality.


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Hi my name is Nera, my humans were calling me BIG PINK. I like Nera better. I'm a big girl and love to play and and love human affection.