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Rizzo Vom Extreme Haus

RIZZO Vom Extreme Haus is the son of IPO BH Arex Jarkowski Dwor, His mother IPO 1 ~ SG ~ BH ~ AD SCHARON PADAROKO.  Rizzo is extremely smart and has a serious no-nonsense personality. He is the leader and plays a significant role in being a peace keeper. For example, He doesn't want any of our dogs rough housing with our Boston terrier and is quick to step in and stop it before it gets started. Great protection dog.

quatro side photo.png


Quatro Owczarek znad Lutyi

Quatro Owczarek znad Lutyni is our import from Poland. He is the son of QUODO vom FRANKENGOLD SG12 BSZS 2019 VV1 PL 2018 BH-VT  IGP1  KKL HD - SV A1 ED - SV A1 and mother is Cana Owczarek znad Lutyni. Quatro is a huge male. He is extremely friendly and has a wonderful disposition.  Loves to play and interact with all the dogs.

leif side photo.png


Lief Vom Extreme Haus

Lief is the son of IPO2 ~ V1 ~ KKL PASCHO vom EICHENPLATZ and IPO 1 APR CH. MEGAN Z SACHARY.  Lief is our gentle giant, whom all the dogs love.  He is very intelligent and has the very best temperament you could ever want. He greets all our visitors with a toy or a rope for a friendly game of tug. 

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